Tips to Remember while Blogging for Small Business

Good internet marking requires expertise. The main motive of internet marketing is to catch the attention of people who are reading the content. Sometimes creating a relevant and fresh content for your corporate blog might initially seem a bit daunting. It is very good to update your blog content as it prompts the readers to be brand evangelists, and will also boost your SEO. Given below are certain things to include and avoid while initiating a content marketing strategy.

Do: The world of SEO always undergoes change with the changing keywords. Therefore it is essential that the SEO content of your business must be reviewed and renewed from time to time. It is vital that sometimes even the best data taken from Google adwords can aslo be misused and misread. Correct use of SEO search results will gather more and more people to the company’s blogs.

Do: Make use of the contents of social networking company. Small businesses must use social media in a different manner, unlike the larger ones. Social media serves small businesses by creating ideal customers and building up good customer relationships. A good blog can generate good interaction with the customers.

Do: A good branding means setting up an excellent blog and website. A blog should be easily usable and readable, both on desktop and mobile. A bad site always demotivates people from accessing, and forces them to go to competing companies to fulfill their corporate needs.

Don’t: There are many pitfalls to avoid while having a live discussion with customers. While discussing, make sure that the content shows you are a professional. Behavior such as angry, overly-emotional, snippy behavior can trash your company’s reputation. Social media needs and other blog comments have to be taken seriously like other formal communications.

Don’t: Apart from the blog content, the appearance of the blog too matters. Use of outdated web designs and concepts can affect good blogging. Some of the things to avoid are: too many buttons, flash intros, unused space, stock photos and animated gifts. A good website is sleek and will also be functional on mobile phones and tablets.

The prime part of any business strategy is to update regularly new content. By going through the aforesaid suggestions you can easily devise a plan to connect with your readers in a better manner.

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How to Get a Perfect Domain Name

One of the very important processes in website development is picking a right domain name. It is the text that internet users’ type into their browser to access your website. So, this means that the domain name is a significant entity of your web strategy that can be used to frame the website design, personality, brand image and direction. Keeping these factors in mind, choosing an apt name for your website is a critical mental exercise. Domain name registration is a strong tool that can be used to reach out to people, and if the website is really attractive it can easily capture the minds of the people. While laying emphasis on branding, take care of the following:

#1: Clarity
Most of the visitors do not spend their time figuring out pronunciation and word spellings. Certain domain names confuse people who try to access any particular website. To prevent this it is better to keep all things lucid and clear as possible. It must be indeed easy to spell, and should be well known to all, rather tricky. If it is difficult to spell, then you are sure to miss out on most of the potential visitors.  Choosing a comfortable domain will save the time of the users who try to access your website.

#2: Unique Words
Sometimes selecting a captivating word can be quite difficult. You can actually acquire the common names in most famous search engines used by people. If such a name is attached to your URL, your chance of getting known is more. Also be cautious to select your domain extension with some thought.

#3: Analogy:
Crosschecking always helps in ensuring that you have got the right domain name. Comparing your domain name with that of other names assures you that your notion wasn’t actually bad. You are always free to edit the name and keep on cross checking until you come up with something perfect.

#4: Look up in the Name Register
For instance, if you come to know that the domain name you had selected was under someone else’s ownership, then it will be very disturbing. To avoid this condition you may create for yourself a register of names suggested by friends or family.

So, the aforesaid are the main points to be kept in mind while selecting a perfect name for branding your website.

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Why Some People Almost Always Fail in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is basically a revenue sharing venture between two business organizations. The first business organization pays the other business organization for sending new customers to their site. The affiliate hosts the ad of the business organization on their website and takes a particular amount of payment for this service. Affiliate programs are ideal for those business organizations who wish to expand their customer base. In as little as six or nine months, the organization can gain a large number of customers through affiliate marketing. But many organizations try to do it the wrong way; they start up with the plan to spam their links all across the web.

Many affiliates plan to go for link spamming but fail in that too because they are usually ignored by the customers. Here are the two reasons why people fail to achieve success in affiliate marketing.

No sales funnel
A solid sales funnel is required for the success of any affiliate marketing business. A sales funnel provides with a clearer view of the opportunities available with the sales team. With proper sales funnel management; one can create an accurate map which helps in improving the chances of meeting the revenue goals. Those who fail in affiliate marketing lack a readymade sales program that can help the other organization to start earning just at the go.

No List
Affiliate marketing includes a capture page, where people are directed once they click on the affiliate links. The capture page asks the customers to put in their contact details in exchange for more valuable information on whatever they are interested to know. More number of people, updating their details on the capture page, would mean better affiliate marketing of the products. The main goal of affiliate marketing is to grow a bigger list by sending traffic from different sources to the capture page. But affiliates lacking a proper list, eventually fail in affiliate marketing.

These are the two main problems that make people fail in affiliate marketing. Once an organization has adopted an effective strategy for affiliate marketing, it can easily get started. A proper strategy would help the organization to attract more customers. It would make them understand the opportunities available with the sales team. Also, it would help in building up a large list on the capture page.

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What To Do About Duplicate Content For Maintaining Better Search Ranking

Duplicate content can simply be understood as the set of information that is present in more than one web page on the Internet. It becomes difficult for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to determine which description is more relevant to the search query when several pieces of similar content appear on the Internet. In such case, the search engines might prevent your website from appearing on their search results. And with low search ranking, your website is sure to lose traffic. In order to ensure that your search ranking does not get affected due to duplicate content, you need to undertake effective measures.

What To Do About Duplicate Content For Maintaining Better Search Ranking?
The first and foremost measure is to avoid creating the Duplicate Content in the first place. However, if you’ve already confronted this issue, you must consider the following points:

  • Apply Permanent Redirects – You can use the permanent redirects. For instance, 301 Redirect notifies the search engine spiders about the permanent redirection of the page, and thus they replace the old URL with new on their index.
  • Consistently Link To The Index Pages – There might be more than two ways to go to the home page of a website, but in order to direct the search engines, you will have to choose one particular method and then use it consistently.
  • Use Noindex For The Syndicated Content – The experts who use your syndicated content should be asked to incorporate Noindex Meta Tag for the piece of information. This way, the duplicate content would not be integrated in the search engine indexes.
  • Generate More Unique Content – More often than not, websites such as affiliate websites can do with duplicate content on every page. However, this must be avoided for all kinds of websites irrespective of the kinds of products or services they talk about. Unique content must be generated for websites in order to avoid the duplication and get better search ranking. Website owners can also avail Content Writing Services for generating unique content for their websites.

After considering and inducing the above-mentioned points, you can effectively lessen the overload of duplicate information on the search engines and thus help your website to maintain better search ranking.

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WeblinkIndia.Net – Blogs Release March 2014

Website Wireframe – The Skeletal Framework Of Website
The schematic blueprint or skeletal framework of a Website is known as a Website Wireframe. This framework is used to define different pages and arrangement of elements over them. The main function of Website Wireframe is to arrange all the elements that will be displayed on different pages of the Website [...]

Mobile Application Development Trends
Mobile application development can simply be defined as the process meant for developing application software. The software is typically developed for handheld gadgets such as mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants) and enterprise digital assistants [...]

Guest Blogging – Is It Stil Relevant in 2014
Once considered the byword of SEO strategies followed by companies wanting to establish strong online presence, today Guest Blogging is slowly losing its touch. Some time ago, being a guest blogger was a matter of honour but now they are considered akin to spammer [...]

How Google+ Can Help Improve Your Search Engine Rankings
Today, more and more companies are making use of Google+ as a part of their SEO strategy. Companies today are making use of Google+ to improve their search engine rankings. How you may ask? By getting more and more people to follow their web page or Google+ profile [...]

How Web Design Impacts Search Engine Visibility
What’s the most important element in a website? Is it its aesthetic quotient, functionality, navigation, content or something else? This is a question lacking a universal answer. Depending upon the nature of industry, the website is designed to serve, the prospective users, the objectives, and a multitude of other factors, the value of each of the parameters mentioned above comes into play [...]

Important Elements Of An E-Commerce Website
It is a well accepted fact today that for the success of an online business, it is important to have a well designed e-commerce website. Today, most companies are clamouring to establish an online presence in order to widen their customer base [...]

Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014
So you already have a Business Website with features such as easy navigation, user-friendliness, etc. but it is not fetching you the benefits you expected. Well, if this is the case then surely you need to have a New Business Website Design with some additional workable features [...]

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New Business Website Design Tips

 New Business Website Design TipsSo you already have a Business Website with features such as easy navigation, user-friendliness, etc. but it is not fetching you the benefits you expected. Well, if this is the case then surely you need to have a New Business Website Design with some additional workable features. Here are some New Business Website Design Tips:


Balanced, Coherent Content
Avoid stuffing too much product information on one web page. Instead of being helpful, surplus information may discourage the user to go ahead. Be smart and look for a Website Design Company whose professionals can best arrange the information to be provided on the website. Also, keep updating the information and remove the details of product or service you no longer offer.

Clearly Evident Contact Details
If your earlier website did not have contact forms, then it may be one of the reasons behind fall of your online business. More often than not, customers leave the web page and look for other websites if the contact details are missing for making product related query. Don’t let that happen. Do mention contact details or forms to enable the customers to make instant queries.

Live Chat Option
Nothing can make a customer happy than receiving instant information and feedback from the expert. The live chat option is an assured way to convert a visitor into a buyer. It is a lead-generation tool using which the prospective buyers can make queries and learn more regarding your offerings. This interaction platform builds rapport and triggers the buying cycle.

Mobile Compatibility
Nowadays, people generally use mobile phones for accessing the Internet. They surf through the shopping portals on their phone so as to save their time. This is a form of marketing which has drawn the attention of a large number of buyers of late. And since Mobile Marketing has emerged as the latest ecommerce trend, you must ensure that your business website must have mobile compatibility feature. Ask the Web Designer to create a mobile compatible website which must not be intrusive when the user goes through the content or the product catalogue.

Apart from having the above-mentioned features, your new website design must be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly and have additional features such as Social Media Integration, Sitemap, Language Translator, Good Error Handling, Browser Compatibility and Fast Load Times.

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Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014

Mobile Marketing Trends For 2014Simply put, Mobile Marketing is marketing for goods with the use of a mobile device, typically a Smartphone. This form of marketing provides buyers with customized, and location and time sensitive information which is specifically meant to promote goods, ideas and services.

All thanks to advanced technology, today more than half of the people worldwide use mobile devices such as Smartphone not just to make calls but for playing games, clicking pictures, accessing emails, making online transactions, surfing the Internet and much more. Evidently, it is highly important to find out strategic ways to lure prospective buyers directly on their phones. And this is exactly what Mobile Marketing is all about. Here are the latest Mobile Marketing Trends In 2014:

  • Customized Offers: Even as the number of customers placing orders through Smartphones is relatively less as compared to that of the customers buying online using a desktop device, a significantly large number of people search for goods and services on their mobile gadgets. This tendency can be smartly used by providing customized offers. For instance, buyers looking for a stylish dress would surely be enticed by discount on the matching accessories.
  • Location Based Targeting: To target prospective buyers with relevant goods to buy when they are in the location is what makes Mobile Marketing more beneficial and less interfering. The location based notifications and promotions are the workable elements of marketing mix as they provide real-time marketing benefit by luring customers to nearby restaurants, stores and events. This tactic is surely going to be utilized by Internet Marketing Company in India or other countries for years to come.
  • Narrowcasting The Targets: Instead of targeting all the audience on broader platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. it is wise to narrowcast the targets and inform only the most prospective buyers. For instance, rather than making advertising campaign to inform all the youngsters for a DJ party at a certain club, it would be appropriate to send text messages to the regular visitors.
  • Extremely Small Amount Of Content: Keeping the content as minimum as possible is the key to effective Mobile Marketing. Remember that the customers have to go through the provided information on a comparatively small screen. Thereby, try to create small but informative content that can induce the buyers to actually make queries.

On the whole, Mobile Marketing is greatly attributable to the rapid growth of the Internet that has completely transformed the way people buy the goods of daily use, book accommodation to stay, look for activities to do and much more.

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Important Elements Of An E-Commerce Website

Important Elements Of An E-Commerce WebsiteIt is a well accepted fact today that for the success of an online business, it is important to have a well designed e-commerce website. Today, most companies are clamouring to establish an online presence in order to widen their customer base. To attract this huge customer base which is active online, there is need to develop a good e-commerce website. So what are the necessary elements that make a website design successful?

Short Page loading Speed
For any website to be successful, it is important that the pages load quickly so that the users do not have to wait endlessly. If the web pages take too much time to load, then are bound to get frustrated and leave the website in search of better alternatives. Thus, an e-commerce website could lose out on potential buyers. Some tips to keep the page loading speed to the minimum are mentioned below

  • Make minimal use of animation and graphics as these are the biggest contributors to increased page loading speed.
  • The users should be given a choice to select ‘load text only’ option. This way they do not have to wait endlessly for the whole page to load, they can simply view the text.
  • Progressive Rendering is also a good feature to incorporate in your website design. This feature allows the users to read the text as they are loaded first, then the graphics & so on. This means that the users do not have to wait for the whole page to load.

Useful Content
This is another element that determines the success of any website design. Without useful information, it would not take the users long to realize that they are wasting their time on your website. Another thing to ensure is that the content should be updated regularly.

Improved Navigation Efficiency
Without proper navigation tools the users are more likely to get lost or find it difficult to find what they are searching for. This will make them leave your site without fail and also create a negative impression in their minds. To avoid this, it is important to provide useful tools like a proper site map, a search bar, etc.

These are some of the important elements that should be kept in mind while designing or getting website designed to ensure its success.

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How Web Design Impacts Search Engine Visibility

How Web Design Impacts Search Engine VisibilityWhat’s the most important element in a website? Is it its aesthetic quotient, functionality, navigation, content or something else? This is a question lacking a universal answer. Depending upon the nature of industry, the website is designed to serve, the prospective users, the objectives, and a multitude of other factors, the value of each of the parameters mentioned above comes into play. However, today when a website vies with millions of competitors, for visibility, search engine friendliness is undoubtedly important attribute. Here, a question pops up- is there any link between web design and search engine visibility of a particular website. The following section enlightens us on this relation.

  • Reports by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts suggest that there is s correlation between web design and the website’s visibility on search engine. The correlation may be negative or positive depending on how appealing, meaningful, and useful the web design is.
  • An updated web design serves as a complement to SEO tactics. A website successful to generate traffic but unable to hold the attention of the visitors letting them bounce off doesn’t worth much. A well-planned web design is instrumental in retaining the qualified leads to the website and in motivating them to act towards conversion.
  • In this age, more and more handheld devices are there to compete with desktops and laptops. Tablets and smartphones are youngsters’ first choice. They access internet on the go and in such scenario, a responsive web design that can adapt as per the viewing device, holds great importance. It really serves as an important criterion for high ranking by popular search engines.
  • Web design holds significance from the perspective of brand building as well. The reputation may not seem to have a direct benefit in immediate organic searches but in the long run it really matters. Search Engines do rate the websites on their reputation as well so if you are a long time player, you must be very selective and thoughtful about your website’s design.

Uniform page layouts, effective meta-tags, the right set of keywords used with right frequency and on the relevant pages, etc. all form a part of a structured website.  Now that you are aware of the important role of web design in your website’s visibility you must analyze it and get it redesigned if it lacks on the parameters described above. Remember, neglecting web design can have a negative impact on your website’s visibility.

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How Google+ Can Help Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

How Google+ Can Help Improve Your Search Engine RankingsToday, more and more companies are making use of Google+ as a part of their SEO strategy. Companies today are making use of Google+ to improve their search engine rankings. How you may ask? By getting more and more people to follow their web page or Google+ profile. The next question that arises is – How does this help in improving search engine rankings? Well, when your Google+ followers search for a keyword associated with your business, your website will appear among the top search results. This is a great way to improve the search engine rankings of your website. All you need to do to be successful in this strategy is to increase the total number of followers on Google+.

Tips To On How To Increase Followers On Google+

  • The first thing to do is to feature the link of your Google+ web page on your website.
  • If you have a strong following on other social networks, then you can share your Google+ page with them.
  • Use your Google+ profile when leaving comments on blogs, etc. In the same way, you can also use the Google+ profile when participating in any discussion on forums, social networking sites, etc.

Google Authorship – A Great Way To Increase Search Engine Ranking
By contributing useful content regularly to Google+ and verifying the contribution by registering for Google Authorship, you can convince Google that you are a valued contributor. Once this is established, your content will automatically feature among the top search engine results.

Add A Google+ Badge to your Website For Higher Search Engine Ranking
By adding a Google+ Badge to your website, you can directly connect your webs page to your website. This will ensure that the website features among the top search engine results. By doing this you can ensure that any latest activity on your Google+ profile/page will show up in the search engine results.

These are some effective ways in which you can make use of Google+ to improve the search engine ranking of your website and successfully attract more online traffic.

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