Difference between Android & iOS: From A Developer’s View Point

Today, the market is flooded with Android and iOS devices of myriad kinds. There is a fierce debate ranging in the market about which one is the best. The debate has yet to reach a point of conclusion and there seems to be no mutual agreement between both the parties involved, as of now. Differences are cited by users in terms of display, battery life, touchpad control, internet streaming & other such aspects.

In this article, though, the main focus is on the developer environment & points of difference in Android and iOS from a developer’s point of view.

As far as performance is concerned, Android makes use of a java based platform i.e. Java Virtual
Machine (Dalvik). Though initially quite slow, recent improvements have made Java’s performance fast. In fact, it has been additionally optimized for android devices, so that there is no compromise on the performance aspect. On the other hand, iOS makes use of Objective C. In Objective C, the messages are passed in a roundabout manner which takes a toll on its overall performance.

From a developer’s point of view, Android is a better platform to use as it an open one and Google offers excellent tools for developers. There is a customized java virtual machine and java byte code interpreter available for developers. Other positive aspects of Android include Java and Eclipse IDE. On the other hand, iOS makes use of Objective C language which is difficult to use and is not defined clearly. Developers find it difficult to work with iOS as compared to Android.

Publication Charges For Applications
Developers can sign up at the android store for free, while at an apple store there is a yearly registration fee of $99. For publishing their applications, developers are charged around $25 fee for one time registration, while at the apple store this fee is $99 per year. For publishing their applications on other stores apart from Apple, developers need to have Apple’s approval. In case of android, there are no such restrictions.

For availing excellent services in Mobile Application Development India, you can contact a reliable and experienced Web Development Company that specializes in developing such applications.

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How To Be More Effective on LinkedIn

How To Be More Effective on LinkedInLinkedIn is a professional social networking site that has achieved immense popularity since the time it was first launched in May 2003. This social networking site is being increasingly utilized for finding jobs, business contacts and opportunities through mutual connections. Employers too make use of social networking website to advertise vacancies and look for potential candidates.

Though a potent networking tool, many people either unknowingly or knowingly create a negative impression on others. To avoid this situation yourself, you can go through the tips mentioned below.

How To Be More Effective on LinkedIn    

  • Introduce Yourself Properly – When sending invites to contacts, make sure that you type in a proper introduction rather than just clicking on the connect option & sending an impersonal request. Even if you are sending requests to friends or colleagues, it will not do any harm to type in an introduction. To avoid making a negative impression, it is always better to be professional even when sending messages on LinkedIn.
  • Make Sure Your Profile Is Up To Mark – This means no spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Pay some attention to the overall appearance also. When inserting a self-picture, just make sure that it is a professional one. These simple things make a good impression on recruiters. Also make sure that your profile is 100% complete, otherwise it will not be taken seriously.
  • Recommendations Do Count – The more recommendations you have, the better it will be for your profile as recruiters do place value on them. But rather than force friends and family to write recommendations, it is always better to have genuine ones on your profile. If you know a colleague who has done good work, then you can always write a recommendation for him/her.
  • Send Invites to As Many Contacts As Possible – Make contact with friends, colleagues. Schoolmates, interest groups and so on. Do include your email Id and phone number in your profile. Also, make your profile public to ensure that recruiters can find you easily.

By keeping these points in mind, you can ensure that you make more effective use of this social networking site. For more such useful tips and ways to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters, you can hire a reliable Social Networking Company India.

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Top Five ECommerce Trends In 2014

 Top Five ECommerce Trends In 2014Looking at the current eCommerce scenario, experts believe that 2014 and the coming years are going to be very challenging for industrialists. Certain trends that took place in the past few years will become more significant while quite a number of new trends are all set to take place. Here are the 2014’s Top Five eCommerce Trends that the industrialists would be required to follow or else they will lag behind in the competitive market.

Quality Content
In 2014, you just can’t do without improving the user experience. And this can be achieved by breaking the monotony of the dull images and repetitive product descriptions and replacing them with unique content and engaging videos and images. If your website continues to have the tedious elements, your prospective buyers may approach your competitor.

Mobile-Friendly Website:
Studies and analysis have shown that the number of people shopping through their phones was significantly high in the year 2013. In 2014 too, the number is estimated to grow even more. This clearly explains that your website must be mobile-friendly giving users the best shopping experience.

Even if your website has the most engaging content and is mobile-friendly as well, it might not fetch you customers if you don’t provide personalization solutions. Well, personalization is the key to provide customers with the unique shopping experience. Today, more and more users are ready to pay anything to get a product based on their choice.

Shipping goods for free, faster and worldwide is another ecommerce trend that had taken place a few years back and continues to prevail. If you fail to deliver goods on time, charge for the shipping and can’t even make worldwide delivery, there is no guarantee customer would like to place orders with you.

Multichannel Selling
There has been witnessed a boom in the Social Media Optimization in India and Multichannel Selling thrives on the same. Multichannel Selling is comparatively new trend and yet has become the most important element for the all-inclusive promotion of small business enterprises. You can make the best use of Multichannel Selling by offering your goods at shopping platforms such as eBay, Amazon and the like.

By following these trends, you can surely enlist yourself amid the competitive businesses out there. Just make sure that the trends are followed smartly with complete focus on maximum customer satisfaction.

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Why Joomla Has Become The Most Used CMS

Why Joomla Has Become The Most Used CMSTechnically, Joomla is an efficient Content Management System (CMS) that has user-friendly interface and comes with lot of flexibility in terms of configuration and options. So, what is Content Management System? Well, it is all about managing a website through easy-to-use interface so as to create desired pages and links. What’s more, it doesn’t require you to know how to technically go about it.

Defining Joomla
Joomla is website software created in 2005. It is typically based on MySQL and PHP and has more than 200,000 contributors and community users. It can be downloaded for free by anyone who wants to design a website. Likewise, it can be freely used for designing templates and extensions.

Why Joomla Has Become The Most Used CMS?
Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are the commonly used and recognized Content Management Systems worldwide. They all enable you to design and manage website and yet Joomla is preferred for different reasons such as:

  • Easy Installation: It is very easy to install Joomla. Right from downloading to acquiring a working script on the server, the processes take just about ten minutes.
  • Plugins: The working script of Joomla contains quite a lot of free plugins on the homepage and yet is very functional.
  • Support: Users get complete support with Joomla since a large quantity of programmer’s tutorials and tools is easily available for them. Besides, they can also get the desired support from discussion board.
  • Navigation Management: The script of Joomla consists of wide-ranging navigation system which is competent enough to efficiently manage various hierarchies. This simply means that the website can easily be managed even if it has hundreds of subpages.
  • Regular Updates: Once page design is complete, you would be required to renew the script to more advanced version at certain point of time. This can easily be done using the web browser.
  • Advanced Administration: Administration panel comes with several functions which may seem to be intimidating at the outset. Over time, though, you can learn them to make the best use of the script.

Today, a large number of website designers and developers in India prefer Joomla over other CMSs. The inclination towards Joomla Web Development in India speaks for the efficiency of the Joomla Website Software.

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