Handling Complaints: How To Do It Effectively

What is common between all the successful companies in the market? Don’t know? An effective complaint handling system! Even the best and most successful companies around the world are aware of the fact that customer complaints are an unavoidable part of any business, which is why they invest in a good complaint handling system. What differentiates a successful company from an average one is how it responds to the complaints made by its customers. Rather than treating customer complaints as a nuisance, they should be seen as an opportunity to improve.

Tips On How To Handle Complaints Effectively

  • Respond Quickly
    o It is essential to ensure that all complainants get a response as promptly as possible.
    o A proper timeframe should be set for each of the steps involved in the complaint handling process.
    o In case delay is unavoidable, it is very important that the complainant be informed of the same, along with reason for the delay.
  • Be Receptive

o The best way to open a line of communication with a complainant is to thank him/her for taking out valuable time to express their dissatisfaction.
o Keep an open mind when the complainant is expressing their discontent & try to understand the other side of the story. Never let your personal opinions and prejudices interfere with the process.
o Assure the complainant that his/her lodging the complaint will not affect any future dealings that they may deem to have with the company.
o Listen well and be sure to explain to the complainant in the simplest manner possible about the steps involved in the complaint resolution process.

  • Maintain Confidentiality
    o All personal data regarding the complainant should be kept confidential. The personal details of the complainant should only be released to those directly involved in the complaint handling process.
    o The personal information of the complainant should not be made public in any case.

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Google’s Latest Panda 4.1 Update Is Here

Google’s Panda Update is a filter software that dismisses websites having poor content from its top search engine rankings. Google’s Panda was introduced in 2011 and aims at penalizing websites that make their way in the top search results despite of having poor content. The Panda Software is updated frequently. Panda was updated on a monthly basis in 2012 but most of the months in 2013 saw no updates. However, the latest version of Panda has been released on 25th September 2014 and it is called 4.1 update. The news has been confirmed by Pierre Far on Google Plus.

Quick Facts about the 4.1 Update:-

  • The update will target websites that contain thin content and were not impacted in earlier updates. Such websites that do not provide unique & relevant content would be penalized. This would mean that their rankings would be dropped which would directly reflect back on the incoming web traffic.
  • The latest update would also provide a chance to websites that were dismissed earlier because of poor content. They would be able to emerge again in top rankings if they make necessary changes in their content quality
  • According to Google, a small roll out was conducted earlier in the first week and is likely to continue in the next week until and unless it is completed. About 3-5% queries have been affected based on the location. One good thing about the update is that it would allow small-medium scale websites with relatively better content in getting higher rankings on Google search engine
      The New Panda Update has been released after four months of last update that came out on 20th May 2014. It is the 27th panda update and is not a drastic update but an improvement in the last update that is why it is being called 4.1. The update is very beneficial for small size websites which struggle to get good search engine rankings despite of having high quality content.

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Important Tips For An Impressive Home Page Design

First impression is the last impression is an apt dictum for a website’s home page. Home Page Design becomes an essential part due to the fact that it attracts the visitors at the first glance. The layout and design of the home page should be compelling so that the visitors get attracted towards it. You can take the help of a Professional Website Designing Company that is well-versed with the latest techniques, software and technologies of the website designing. Hiring an expert for designing a website is a smart approach as a Home Page Design is about website visitors and their needs. Essentially a home page should include site introduction or overview, featured content, rotator or static image, recent blog posts, upcoming events and many more. Here are some of the important tips that can be considered while designing a home page in order to get more and more visitors.

Tips For An Impressive Home Page Design

  • A home page should be such that a first time user finds it easy and attractive.
  • The navigation should be simple and too many advertisements should be avoided.
  • Ranking of your site should be on number one in Google, which can be possible with the help of an intelligent strategy of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Each webpage must be link with the home page so that the user can easily access it whenever required.
  • Pop-ads and pop-up boxes interrupt a lot, so avoid including them on the home page.
  • Visual impacts are essential for grabbing the attention of the visitors.
  • The webpage should be easily open without taking much time. Thus, avoid slow loading graphics.
  • Use of simple and small icons is recommended for drawing visitor’s attention.
  • Inclusion of social media is must so that the visitor will be able to like, comment and also share the sites, thus increasing promotion.
  • You will require an experienced graphic designer in order to design a good home page as well as the entire website.
  • Addition of videos can be an attractive method of engaging visitors to your website.To summarize, the given tips will definitely help you to come up with striking designs of the home page. By applying these tips, you will certainly find a drastic change in the number of visitors and increase of traffic.

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Role Of Google Adwords And Pay Per Click Advertising

The foremost question that strikes your mind is what is Google Adwords? It is Google’s paid advertising online model that is based on a bidding system, which helps in keeping your advertisement at the top or to the right of the search results. Google Adwords helps in bringing new website visitors, generate maximum traffic and grow online sales. Here comes the role of Pay Per Click Advertising with the help of which the advertiser needs to pay only when a user clicks on the Ad.

Importance Of Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay Per Click Advertising is an economical way to reach the potential customers who are in search of the types of products and services you are providing. Pay Per Click Advertising India can be easily availed by simply searching some of the relevant sites. It is a kind of self-service advertising that offers you an opportunity to create your own ads with the help of few clicks using advertising platforms like Google AdWords.

How PPC works?
Following three basic steps, you will be able to create a PPC for yourself. First of all, the advertiser will create an ad and places a bid for it. Further, when a user search any query on a particular search engine then it determines the appropriate ads to show up. After that, when the user clicks on that Ad the advertiser has to pay to the search engine.

To Whom These PPC Ads Can Be Targeted?
The essential method of targeting is keyword but PPC Ads can also be targeted by using language and location. Keyword or key phrases have to be availed along with match type for each key phrase that you wish to target when you set a PPC.

How To Get Started?
In order to start, you have to first identify the target users and analyze the competitor’s activity. Then decide on your target cost-per-action in which you have to calculate the entire budget of the campaign. Research the appropriate keywords and write compelling ads. Finally, set your maximum level of cost-per-click and then place the bid.

You can now easily analyze the entire role of Google Adwords and pay per click advertising. The importance and how to get started with it will help you gain a lot of traffic on your site.

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