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Google Webmaster Update: Blocking JavaScript & CSS Can Affect Indexing
Google Webmaster 2014

Google Webmaster Update: Blocking JavaScript & CSS Can Affect Indexing

Google finally updated its technical webmaster guidelines on Oct 27th 2014; the guidelines focus on websites that have active CSS and JavaScript. As per the new guidelines, Google advises webmasters to allow the Googlebot to access the JavaScript, CSS, and image files on the web pages for optimum rendering and indexing. Webmasters who choose to … Continue reading

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6 Secrets For Better Web Application Development

It is no secret that every web application developer should be well-versed with OOP and scripting languages. But apart from that every web application developer should also take care of some requisites, which even experienced web application developers many times tend to ignore. Below are some useful tips for web application development: Incorporate Tool Tips … Continue reading

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Google’s Warning Feature About Flash Sites To Go International

In today’s fast paced life, smart phones have become an important medium for users for solving all their queries. Most people today stick to their mobile phones when it comes to searching any information on the internet. Thus, it is of utmost importance that all business make their websites mobile friendly. This makes sure that … Continue reading

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WeblinkIndia.Net – Blogs Release September 2014

How to Diagnose Causes Of Poor Website Performance Website works as a window to the online world; it showcases your work and business in front of the clients. If you are an online player website is a key tool which links and helps you communicate with others. It’s a common podium where you and your … Continue reading